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Building Permit Design

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In accordance with still existing building regulations – to build a house, it is necessary to obtain a Building Permit, and therefore it must be to prepared  Building Permit Design . Whether you choose an individual project or a typical one it is necessary to apply the same administrative procedures and scope of formal documents. First of all the project must be consistent with the guidelines contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Transport of 25 April 2012 on the detailed scope and form of the building design.

Building Permit Design should include several basic elements:

The land development project (prepared on the current map for design purposes) together with the descriptive part.
Architectural  design consisting of a descriptive and drawing part.

Basic drawings are: layouts, sections and elevations.
Statement by the designers of the project’s implementation   in accordance with the provisions
Copies of the powers of the architect, and other designers and current certificate of membership of the Chamber of architects

Agreement with road administrator
Technical conditions or promises from the administrators of the media
Information to the safety plan (BIOZ )
The building’s energy performance

Depending one the situation other documents, approval ore permissions

The project must be signed by all the designers:  the architect, constructor and installer.